The Hickory Pit is a custom logo I made as a practice project. I created a brief to give myself direction for creating this logo. In this brief I answered question that the client would answer. I decided that this company would brand themselves as a sophisticated yet simple BBQ joint. After making the decisions of the direction this logo should go, I begin sketching ideas for the logo. In this part of the process I try to produce as many ideas as I can, so that I can find the clear direction that I need to take.

After the brainstorm I took the ideas that I thought would work the best and create rough mock ups. Then refine the sketches until I have something that I am ready to bring into the computer to make a digital copy.


The editing doesn't stop when I get the sketches to the computer I'm still refining. With this logo I edited the kerning (the space between the letter forms) I also worked with the K and R descender, so that the logo had some personality but also worked well in the logo. After all that was set I played around with the colors until I found the right color that would adhere to the brand.